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Google Charts and Graphs

Datas usefulness is limited by how it’s presented. Finding the information within complex or large amounts of data can be difficult at best. Charts and Graphs provide an intuitive and informative summary of data that can be analyzed quickly.

The powerful features of the Google Charts API provides immediate access to your existing data that allows us to seamlessly transform your database into formats that are both informative and visually stunning. The new Google Charts API includes an extensive suite of charting types such as pies, bars, columns, lines, arealines, points, radars, stock, gantt, splines, gauge, dial, combination, mapping and more. The Google Charts API is how we create quality, cost effective, professional grade charts and graphs for our clients.

The live demonstrations below are some of the custom Google Charts and Graphs that we have developed. Hovering over the points, bars, or graphs will display the chart values. Please also visit our gallery of other charts and graphs that we can create.

• Line Chart

• Area Chart

• Column Chart

• Bar Chart

• Pie Chart

• Combo Chart

• Gauge Dashboard

Sales Goal Performance Dashboard

• Geo Chart

2013 US Sales

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