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Google Maps Development

See Your Data, Transform

Over 350,000 web sites use the Google Maps API, making it the most heavily used web application development API. With it’s rich user interface, powerful database engine, and an infinite number of uses in areas such as: travel, real estate, oil & gas, transportation logistics, sales & marketing, home services, consumer information, route optimization, distance radius, insurance, zip code verification, census data, and many more. Many businesses have come to rely on the Google Maps API to help them become more efficient and improve their level of service to their customers.

Using the core engine and the map/satellite images hosted by Google. We can take any data feed, retrieve the Google Map coordinates, then integrate it in with any additional data you need displayed in a visually informative and intuitive way.

Harness the power of the Google Maps database engine inside your website and applications by dynamically linking your data on top of them. From custom location icons, image sources, to dynamic route optimization, map coordinates and data. We can transform the presentation of your data into a robust and a powerful interface for both you and your customers.

With our knowledge of the Google Maps and Google Places API engines the possibilities for your data are endless and we can create a customized solution that puts them both to work for you.

Clicking on the images below will demonstrate some of the custom Google Maps interfaces we have developed.

Automated Route Optimization using the Google Maps API

Google Maps API Automated Route Optimization

Manual Route Optimization using the Google Maps API

Google Maps API Manual Route Optimization

Google Maps API Custom Places Search

Google Maps API Places

Google Maps API Regional Travel Map

Google Maps API Travel Site Demo

Google Maps API Marker Manager

Google Maps API Marker Manager

Google Maps Regional & Customer Sales Dashboard

Google Maps API Dashboard Demo

Google Maps Routes and Stored GPS Playback

Google Maps API GPS Playback

Google Maps API Route Tracer

Google Maps API Points Editing

Save New Points onto a Google Map by Search or Drag & Drop

Google Maps API Data Updates

Radius and Distance Searches using the Google Maps API

Google Maps API Radius and Search

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