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Google Maps API Manual Route Optimization

This maps allows our client to interactively update and optimize their drivers routes for the week.

On the right side of the map the routes icon colors correspond with the drivers name. The distance and drive time estimates are being dynamically returned by the Google Maps API. Due to the large number of customers our client has we were asked to implement checkboxes next each drivers name that would enable one or multiple routes to be hidden or displayed on the map in order to optimize them. When new customers are added a large oversized custom map icon is overlayed on top of the existing map.

By clicking on a customers icon in the map the relevant customer information is displayed inside an information window as well as the ability to update the route, day, and the stop number. In our production environment clicking the customers name URL displays the customers data entry form and all updates to the routes can be stored temporarily until finalized as well as recording all changes to a history table.

Drivers and office staff have various access to the data based on the security settings of the system. An alternate version was also created that displays the entire week on one map using variations of each drivers route color for the individual days of the week.


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