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Every internet marketing campaign has goals. Now you need the information to help you reach them. With powerful conversion tracking and reporting tools and the expertise to make it all make sense, we can help.
Google Analytics. At C3 we use Google Analytics. With measurements such as unique visitors, page views, search terms, and time on site we can get a general picture of site activity. With Google Analytics' powerful tools we can tell you exactly which pay-per-click ads, search keywords, banners, email, and offline marketing efforts are generating leads, eCommerce sales, and other goals.
Custom Reporting. Our team can build and implement custom reports and dashboards for metrics tracking and at-a-glance data about the health of your internet marketing campaigns. Trace eCommerce transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics, and identify your best revenue sources.
Analysis. Our years of experience launching and tracking Internet marketing campaigns means we can deliver useful analysis of emerging trends on your site. Our consultants also provide marketing recommendations and site optimization guidance.
Results. Driven by the careful analysis and detailed scrutinization of Google Analytics data, we can help you get better results from your website and maximize your company’s marketing investments.

Our Google Analytics setup includes:
  Campaign, Keyword, and Data analysis

  Configure audience segmentation

  Code installation and testing

  Events, goals and eCommerce tracking setup

  Goal funnels and visitor segmentation setup

  Dashboard and emailed report setup

  Create a plan for monitoring, interpreting and acting on data collected
Learn More. To learn more about Google's world-class Analytics platform please visit http://www.google.com/analytics/features.html.

Custom Lead Routing. Our Software Development Team can also create a custom lead routing system that can route leads based on your business rules, notify certain individuals or teams, and import qualified or filtered leads into Salesforce and other major CRM systems.

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