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Web Applications and SaaS Systems Design Elements

These are just a few of our favorite design elements and features that we are able to modify, enhance, and implement into our Web Applications and SaaS systems. Check back often because we're always adding new favorites, functionality, and proof of concepts to this list.

Really Good Message App UI

These is the perfect interface for messaging customers, employees, or guests via a text messaging integration or tracking and documenting tasks with photos and video internally from any desktop or mobile browser. We've also added visual & audible alarm warnings, desktop to mobile push notifications, and detailed tracking statistics into our SaaS and Web applications.

See the Pen Messaging App UI with Dark Mode by Chris (@c3solutionware) on CodePen.

Google Charts

Making all the data points become intelligent information systems is the foundation of every SaaS and Web Application system. The cornerstones are accurate, reliable data aggregation and database warehousing. Seeing that information with Google Charts can show you visually, exactly where and how your business can become more efficent and productive. Accurate and reliable data is the cement we use for every 24/7 cloud based foundation we build.

See the Pen Playing with Google Charts by Eric Sadowski (@ejsado) on CodePen.

Complex Dashboard

See the Pen Job Recruiter Dashboard UI by Aybüke Ceylan (@aybukeceylan) on CodePen.

Project Management Dashboard

See the Pen Dashboard UI #1 : Project management with Charts by Olsi Odobashi (@olsiodobashi) on CodePen.

Adjustable Color Theme Options

See the Pen Light / Dark / Black Theme by Håvard Brynjulfsen (@havardob) on CodePen.

Scrollable Full Screen Grid Style Main Menu

See the Pen Scrollable Full Screen Grid Style Main Menu by Chris (@c3solutionware) on CodePen.

Fixed Top Header while Scrolling DataTable

See the Pen dataTables fixed header by Dirk Drijkoningen (@RedJokingInn) on CodePen.

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